Group history

1969 GAVÀ GRUP begins putting its products on the market of Hospitalet.

1976 The group sets up at Mercabarna.

1985-1988 The business expands and the group acquires 4 STANDS at Mercabarna.

1989 The second company of the group – “LLONCH” – is born, having 2 stands at Mercabarna.

1990 GAVÀ GRUP bets on acquiring a warehouse at Mercabarna. This warehouse is equipped with the necessary technology.

1994 Exportation begins, and a network of business delegations is developed throughout different countries of Eastern Europe.

1995 The group begins supplying third and fourth range products to national supermarket chains.

1997 A new warehouse opens in Motril (Granada), adding “VALUE” to product treatment, and performing logistical functions in order to optimise the export process.

1999 "KOPFSALAT TRADE, S.L." is created, having offices in Latvia, Russia, Slovakia and Hungary.

2001 The company expands again, amounting to 7 shopping stands (4 for Gavà and 3 for Llonch). In addition, "GAVÀ SLOVAKIA SPOL, S.R.O." is created. Our services are provided taking into account our customers: product quality, service, and logistics support.

2004 A new company opens in Riga (Latvia), called "GAVÀ BALTIC, S.I.A.".

2005 “KOPALMERIA" is born in El Ejido (Almería), where logistics services and fruit and vegetable producst are provided. "GAVÀ HUNGARY, K.F.T." is born in Hungary.

2007 New line of business at Mercabarna warehouse, aimed at logistics of dry and refrigerated products at positive temperature.

2008 Kopalmeria transfers business to a new own warehouse in La Mojonera (Almería). The warehouse is 15,000 m2, completely refrigerated, and shall centralise all the group’s activities (handling, packaging and logistics) in Almería. The group begins to produce, creating a company called “KOP AGRO GPH XXI, S.A.”, and buying lands to cultivate products in Berja and El Ejido (Almería). As for Poland, GAVÀ POLSKA SP. Z.O.O.” is created, having shopping stands in Warsaw and Katowice.

2009-2015 GAVÀ GRUP continues expanding and buys new hectares in El Ejido and Nijar (Almería).

2009-2015 Agriculture business begins in Catalonia thanks to the creation of “KOPGAVÀ AGRO KM o SL”, buying 43 hectares at Km 0 - Barcelona.

2009-2015 The group continues expanding internationally and settles in Bucharest (Romania), creating "GAVÀ ROMANIA".